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METEMIS develops and integrates technologies to measure chemical concentration in liquid media.
They can be used to measure many parameters such as pH, ions (calcium, magnesium, phosphate, heavy metals,…) molecules as glucose, fructose, urea,  peracétic acid and proteins.
METEMIS develops its products basing its expertise to determine:

  • the best methode according to the media and the customer environment
  • the best chemistry and the best signal treatment to avoid interferances and to give the best value
  • the assembling of technological components for the sensor design and its production

METEMIS uses all the electrochemical analytical techniques: potentiometry, voltametry, amperometry and impedancemetry.

These technological components which are based METEMIS sensors are
mini-ISE (Ionic Specific Electrodes), diamond electrodes and molecular grafting technologies.