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tailor-made sensors

Tailor-made Sensors

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The expertise of Metemis covers the entire measuring chain, from the sensor to the software, up to the software of treatment offerring the possibility to adapt the developed technologies to the need of every application. Thus, our experts’ team develops sensors according to the measuring environement, but also according to the target molecule.

Metemis adapts an existing sensor if it was already the object of in-house searches, or creates a new sensor. To do that, we are focused on 3 axes:

- particular chemistries adapted to the target

- technological components such as diamond electrodes

- architectures and methods of measures to adapt to the measuring environement.

Thus, Metemis can offer sensors of a range of molecules which goes from the pH to proteins. Then we supply a complete demonstrator that allows to validate the sensor and allows then to envisage his integration. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request.