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Ionic Probe

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The Ionic probes of Metemis are combined electrodes  for the measure of ions, that is they embark on the same set a miniature reference as well as a membrane sensitive to the particular ion.

The most known for the combined electrodes is the pH electrode. Besides the pH electrodes, Metemis offers a wide range of ions. Thus, the user does not need to take care of the reference anymore and can connect the Ionic probe to any electronics which he or she uses already for the pH to measure other ions.

The Ionic probes embark the best of Metemis: a miniature reference which performance is equivalent to a double junction Ag/AgCl and Ion sensors that are the state of the art of the precision, stability and the range of measures.

Furthermore, their unique assembly makes the product very resistant to impacts or vibrations: there is no more risk of breaking a glass pH electrode, the Ion probes are entirely made of high-quality plastic.

These combined electrodes allow to keep a more important stability of the calibration, which decreases the number of measurement errors and saves time for the user. Depending on the required degree of the measurement accuracy,it is possible to calibrate only once a month.

Besides, their storage is facilitated because they can be stored in the open air after rinsing in the clear water. This avoids finding itself with glass electrodes which are unusable after being forgotten on a lab bench for only 24 hours .

The Ionic probes are made for measures in aqueous environement with a range of temperature from 0 to 60°C.

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