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Solid Electrode

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The solid electrodes of Metemis are metallic electrodes used in the electrochemical studies and in the processes of control and manufacturing based on the electrochemistry.

Unlike its competitors, Metemis has developped electrodes with a body in Teflon which assures the largest possible range of chemical resistance, while allowing high-temperature reactions (until 200°C).

The solid electrode consists of two parts: a “head” which allows to connect the electrode to the electronics (such as potentiostat) by means of a banana connector, and the “body” which is screwed onto the head. The body embarks the electrode which is in fact a pill of 6mm of diameter.

Metemis is the first supplier in the world to offer electrodes made of conductive silicon and of borone- doped diamond in addition to the classics like gold, platinum or glassy carbon.

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