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Our expertise

Founded in 2014, METEMIS goes along with their customers to provide the highest standard quality products. These products are based on several years of research and the METEMIS experience in the area of measure, particularly in electrochemical measurement in liquide media. We put all our effort every day to produce sensors at the state of the art, keeping in mind the easy usage of our customers and taking into account their environment.

The team

METEMIS is a team above all, including engineers and doctors who design solutions answering as well as possible to our customer needs. In addition of these experts in measure, our team is made of computer and electronic scientist which allows to work on the whole chain of measurement. All together we work with our customers in flexibile approach for innovation, offering solutions in the field.

Our localization

METEMIS is a French company, settled in Genopole campus (5 Rue Henri Auguste Desbruères 91030 Évry- France). Our R&D labs are located in Grenoble neighborhood (646 Rue des Fontaines 38210 Saint-Quentin -sur-Isère – France).

Our values

METEMIS bases its values on the quality of our solutions, their easy usage for helping our customers to stay focused on their work and the innovation to offer to our customers the solution they need.